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We are pleased to offer a variety of customizable packages to suit everyone.  To learn more about how we can make your next group training event a success, get in touch with us using this form. 

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Career/ Sales

On the BOSS Training 

Did you know that nearly a third of the world’s billionaires don’t have a college degree? Did you know that the most “educated” people didn’t acquire their knowledge from a university? We’ve all heard of “on the job training”. Every neighborhood has at least one “job training” center.  In fact, most institutions dedicate a large portion of our time and tuition dollars teaching us how to get a job and work for someone else until we’re too old or worn out to try something else. How many actually teach us what it takes to be a boss?  If you want to know what your employer knows and hopes you never find out, we’ll show you exactly what it is and how to use it to your advantage! 


How to Sell ANYTHING

Whether you sell shoes or houses, the same science is used to close the deal. Learn the 4 types of customers and how to make them want to buy from you.  Increase your sales volume and commissions in record time!

Personal Growth

Tipping the Scales 

Ever wonder why some people experience success while others barely get by? How about why some people have great relationships while others are lonely or unhappy? We all have one common goal: to improve our quality of life. Be it work, school, family or finances, we desire better results from these areas of our lives. Problem is: most of us don’t know what we’re doing wrong or how to fix it. If you are ready to tip the scales in your favor, we’ll show you how. 

Public Speaking

Finding YOUR Voice

We all have something to say, but how do we say it without sounding cliché or like someone else? Our "voice" is more than just sounds we produce orally. It is one of the most effective and possibly the most powerful mediums of communication and takes on many forms. Learn to leverage the uniqueness of yours to stand out and move ahead.


Voicing Your Business 

This is NOT your average seminar!  This is for those who are ready to finally overcome the world’s #1 fear: PUBLIC SPEAKING.  Get ready to present your business, product or service with confidence, personality and effectiveness! 

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