“To transform my body, I must spend a lot of time at the gym every day and eat tasteless food.”

Work Smart, Not Hard!

The Vortex is the place where mind and body connect, Complete Packages are made and total transformation is achieved.

If you are ready to take your body and career to the next level,

Enter The Vortex! 


Personalized body assessment, exercise and nutrition plan


Self-image coaching, goal-setting and new habit development


Field-specific coaching, action plan execution and positive reinforcement 


Enjoy your new body, enhanced skill set and increased confidence

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11 sessions / $550.00


This jump-start to total body transformation includes a personalized body analysis, goal-based exercise and meal plan, self-image coaching and two to three 33-minute video coaching sessions per week.

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11 sessions / $847.00


Take your career or business to the next level with everything in Debut PLUS fast-track preparation for advancement that is sure to help you stand out from your competitors. Also includes two to three 44-minute video coaching sessions per week. 

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11 sessions / $1,210.00


This ULTIMATE package includes everything in Debut PLUS  personalized voice assessment, vocal/studio/stage performance coaching and two to three 55-minute video coaching sessions per week.

Ideal For: body sculpting, wedding/ reunion prep, lifestyle change

Ideal For: managers, students, entrepreneurs, career change

Ideal For: singers, actors, comedians, public speakers, shy people

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