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Margo is a Latin dancer and former flag and saber twirler who has transformed herself from being skinny & shapeless with low self esteem, poor eating habits and sub-par discipline, into an industry expert and certified master trainer with 6 fitness certifications including:

Specialist in Exercise Therapy

Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Nutritionist

Specialist in Strength & Conditioning

Certified Group Exercise Instructor

Specialist in Senior Fitness

Book Margo for Your Event!

Let Margo make your event

one to remember with a

musical performance, fitness party,

group coaching, product review,

or as a keynote speaker/panelist!

Not only has Margo improved her own health and fitness, she has transformed her physical appearance utilizing methods that she has tried and perfected. She is her own business card. When people see her, they know that she is healthy, disciplined, knowledgeable and that whatever she has been doing has been working and they want her help.

Another cool thing about her fitness coaching is that she has done almost ALL of the popularly-advertised DIY fitness programs offered on social media, so she knows firsthand what works and what those programs are missing, particularly in the area of personalized coaching and customer service. Margo's services fill in those gaps and actually get her clients better results.

Citrus Fruits

Gwen M.

If you want someone fun, knowledgeable , encouraging and spiritually nurturing, then Margo is the one for you. Time goes so fast!

Regina S.

Margo is a wonderful instructor who knows her craft extremely well. Her sessions are enjoyable and entertaining. I enjoy meeting with her. She has such a warm and beautiful personality.

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