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Singing & Speech Coaching

Fall in Love with Your Voice.

Be Better Faster!

Are you ready to fall in love with your voice?  Are you ready for something different? I know what it's like to be frustrated with boring exercises and processes that seem to take a lot of time and money but yield little to no results. That's why I decided to coach DIFFERENTLY! Not only do I train the voice, but I also coach the body and mind.  I will give you effective strategies and techniques that you can use at any time to guarantee improved performance and overall results. Our sessions are tailor-made just for YOU!

Book Margo for
Your Event!

Let Margo make your event one to remember with a musical performance, fitness party, group coaching, product review, or as a keynote speaker/panelist!

Overcoming Speech Impediments

This is great for you if you would like to overcome speaking with a lisp, stutter, missing teeth, braces or other condition that inhibits a smooth flow of articulation while speaking. 

Public Speaking

Studies have shown that a great majority of people have a fear of public speaking- even more than they fear dying! We show you just how easy and fun it can be to get in front of a group of people and own the stage.

Vocal Range Enhancement

Ever wanted to hit notes higher than a dog whistle or lower than you thought you could?  We show you how to properly increase the highs and lows of your current vocal range without damaging your delicate vocal cords and muscles. 

Image Development

You have the "song and dance", but what about the persona?  Image is more than just your physical appearance. It starts within and exudes without.   Let's work together create the look that makes you feel your best. This is great for those looking to advance in their career or start fresh in a new field.

Accent Reduction

Every language has its own unique sounds and cadences and

our native language is often our most comfortable.  However, there

are times when we must communicate with others in THEIR native language and our accent or dialect may inhibit effective dialogue

with them.  We show you easy-to-use techniques that help reduce speech barriers and make interacting with people who speak a

different language much easier and more effective.

Overcoming Performance Anxiety

Everyone gets nervous about something. The stage should never be one of those things.  There are a number of things that can be done  to overcome the fear of performing and we let you know exactly what those are! 


  • Consultation- $25.00

  • 30 minutes - $50.00


  • My Facility : 30 minutes - $75 

  • Your Location: *Rates vary based on location.*

  • 30 minutes - starting at $100


  • Consultation- $25.00

  • 30 minutes (2 people) - $80.00

  • 1 hour (3-5people) - $150.00


  • My Facility :

  • 30 minutes (2 People)- $125

  • 1 hour (3-5 People)- $17

  • Your Location: *Rates vary based on location.* 

  • 30 minutes - starting at $165


Be Stage-Ready!

This program will help you to look and sound the part!

One part voice coaching, one part fitness coaching

This is the ultimate preparation for being in top physical and vocal shape.



Two 30-minute online

voice sessions per week


online (via email) personal training,

weekly body analysis

and meal recommendations,

personalized just for you!

packages starting at:

30 Days: $750
90 Days: $1,800

Citrus Fruits


We are very pleased we are starting this journey with Margo. My daughter was very nervous, but Margo has made her very comfortable and relaxed and part of her family. Margo is a super talented teacher and is improving my daughter's techniques and skill. I highly recommend Margo. You will be glad you did!

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