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To be a winner, you must learn from one!


Since 1997, Margo has perfected the K.I.S.S. methodology to improve sales, stage performance, professional advancement and overall quality of life. Her effectiveness and willingness to guarantee her work sets her worlds apart from every other professional in her field. Furthermore, she has been named "Top Producer" in EVERY sales and management position that she has held and has won first place in every singing and speech competition she has EVER entered since 1991. With all of her accolades, she is humble, easy-going and takes a light-hearted and humorous approach to her coaching sessions. 

At an early age, Margo was taught the importance of working "smart" and not "hard."  Efficiency and effectiveness were the order of every day.

As the daughter of a Master Herbalist/musician (mother) and bodybuilder/ musician/ policeman (father), wellness, discipline and the stage have always been the way of life.

As a child, she was fascinated by her mother's stories of performing with famous musicians and marveled at her father's accounts of being a DJ, drummer and colleague of Sergio "The Myth" Oliva (3x Mr. Olympia).   For Margo, these experiences piqued a strong interest in stage performance and resulted in years of training in fine arts, fitness and linguistics.  She recalls being constantly reminded that the best performers in any field are "complete packages", meaning that they are well-rounded and adept in multiple facets of their chosen field.

To become a complete package, Margo studied classical piano and vocal performance at Sherwood Conservatory of Music and VanderCook College of Music; martial arts (Hapkido) at Hyun's; Fashion Design and Merchandise Management at International Academy of Design & Technology; herbal medicine at The School of Natural Healing; acting and musical improvisation at ETA Theatre and The Second City; flag, rifle and sabre twirling with South Shore Drill Team and runway/print modeling at Barbizon and The Fashion Connection. She has also studied tap, liturgical, ballet, modern, salsa, ballroom and street dance; speech therapy; actively studies psychology, anatomy and nutrition and is a NESTA-certified wellness coach.  

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