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Our Success Journey

Absalom B.


She has one job, and she nails it, simply amazing!

Bridget B.

Speaking Voice

I have been working with Margo for several months. She has helped me tackle some of my public speaking challenges with creative exercises. She is an awesome coach that builds up confidence in her students with each lesson. I highly recommend Margo for any of your speaking or vocal training needs. Margo is an expert in her craft and passionate about helping others.

Christopher B.

Speaking Voice

Margo has helped me increase my confidence while performing on stage. In the past I would get very nervous, but Margo has taught me that it's just me being anxious to do well on stage. If you have stage fright, please hire Margo and she will teach you the tools to own the stage! You won't be disappointed!


Speaking Voice

Fun. Encouraging. Effective. I have had a few vocal coaches, but she is easily one of my favorites.

Debbie S.


To say that my opera lessons with Margo have been miraculous would be an understatement. My family and friends had repeatedly encouraged me to pursue my singing and I wrote it off as hyperbole. When I finally decided to take it seriously, I was afraid I was too old to start pursuing a career in the arts. Margo explained to me that some performers can be in their 30s or 40s before reaching full vocal maturity. She immediately took me under her wing which resulted in near perfect pitch. Under her tutelage I have learned to evoke emotion from my audience thru both song and dramatization. Needless to say, her being multi-lingual has no doubt made her uniquely qualified to do so. If you want a disciplined, dedicated, no nonsense instructor, call her. You won't be disappointed.



Margo is the Perfect Instructor!


Speaking Voice

Margo was amazing! I went to Margo to improve my speech and speaking voice. Within a few minutes of talking to me, Margo diagnosed my problem and gave me exercises to do. I saw improvements in my speech after the first session! Her fun personality made the sessions enjoyable, and I walked away with helpful exercises.

Bridget D.


I was surprised how much I learned in such a short amount of time. Margo was easy to work with. Very encouraging, which boosted my confidence. I look forward to the next session.



Margo's an amazing vocalist. She's a polished and experienced instructor who offers a very practical and fun approach to singing. In three short weeks she's helped me understand the dynamics I need to implement to get the best out of my voice. As a result, I'm already resonating with more power and clarity. Margo Rocks!! 🌟🌟


Speaking Voice

Margo is that rare combination of knowledgeable practitioner and empathic communicator. Our first lesson was a joy, and I anticipate working with her is going to increase my voice exponentially.

Deenya C.


Margo has been a GEM! I have tried vocal lessons in the past with 1 instructor and didn't stay longer than a month. I absolutely LOVE working with Margo. From the first lesson she brought me OUT of my comfort zone which was needed because where I was, was all wrong. She is teaching me how to use my voice, how to shape my face, how to escape the issues I deal with for my allergies and still be able to use my voice and sing. These beginning lessons I have been having with her have been extremely valuable and I will be here to stay. Her style, approach and experience are definitely worth every bit that you will spend and more.

Don P.

Speaking Voice

I have studied with many great teachers over the past 40 years, but Margo is the best in my book. Her methods are unconventional, and they work. She's funny and makes you feel comfortable no matter your level of performance.

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